AZ Team Thunder Volleyball Club has always worked hard to deliver the goal of making competitive volleyball available to all, not just to those that could afford the great cost that has spawned the $15 Billion Dollar Youth Sports Industry!  Instead of worrying about how much we can charge each young athlete, we focus on conserving costs and focusing on skills training and growing one step at a time with the athletes.  This approach has proven successful as we coaches watch our athletes grow and not only make their school teams, but become stars on the team. For the 2019-2020 season we are proud to say that our standard club dues have stayed the same.  And because of the great talent growth that we have seen in our core athletes, we are excited to break down the extra travel tournaments that are available this year!

The moneys collected go toward facility rental, equipment purchases, and player scholarships to ensure that as many as possible are given the blessing to play competitive volleyball that normally wouldn’t get this benefit.

Many athletes have been able to earn their whole tuition and more using the service, GoFundMe!    Learn more about this free service at:  As a team, you may be asked to join in on a fundraising campaign if there is a desire to go to Nationals or extra multi-day tournaments.


AZ Team Thunder Volleyball Club – Payment Plan

  • Startup Fee - $350
    • Includes 1 Jersey, 1 Spandex, 2 Practice Tee, Hoodie, and Backpack 
    • Full Payment is due at acceptance
  • Club Fees - $150/mo
    • Club fees cover an available warmup Tournament, 6 Regional tournaments and championships.
    • Club fees pays for 2 days a week practice for 2hrs each day, including Strength/Speed/Agility Training when appropriate. 
    • Fiesta Festival in February if available.
    • First Payment is at first of every month from Dec-May.
  • Optional Cactus Classic Tournament (mid Jan) - $150 total
    • Cactus Classic is a multi-day tournament in Tucson that is a tradition of ours. This fee will cover the tournament.  Does not cover team Airbnb/hotel, meals/snacks. 
    • Payment will be due Jan 1st for teams that are opting to go.
  • Optional AZ Volleyball Festival (June) - $250 total
    • AZ Festival is a local Post-Season, multi-day tournament held at the Phoenix Convention Center.
    • The fees include the extra month’s practice required at the facility.
    • Payment will be due Feb 1st for teams that are opting to go

 Additional tournaments can be added and paid for by the team as desired and determined by each team.  Last year 2 teams were able to go on a travel tournament (Colorado Crossroads and Vegas) just from our one annual fundraiser.  This year those teams are looking to do the same thing! 

If any team makes National qualifications then that, of course, will be an additional cost that will be worked out for each team.  Those discussions will be had at team creation.