Do you ever wonder what impact you’re making? Here at AZ Team Thunder Volleyball Club we have a pretty good idea. Our coaches and staff strive to bring out the best in our girls, their families, and the people around us. We make every effort to teach life skills and lessons the girls can take with them for life. Integrity, focus, hustle, kindness, collaboration, and compassion are just a few of the skills and life lessons we incorporate into our training sessions and on game day. It’s more than just victories, it’s a way of life.


Team Thunder Volleyball girls are making an impact in the community and in their schools. Over half of the girls coached by Team Thunder have gone on to play at their local high schools. Some have even moved up from their respective age groups to play at higher levels both at the school and club level. The Club also volunteers in the community. We take pride in being able to give back and ensure we are spreading love and respect to all.


Whether it’s at their schools, in the community, or around the globe Team Thunder, their players, coach’s, staff and families are all making a difference with their volunteering efforts and play on the court. It’s more than just a volleyball club, it’s a way of life.


Together, we can all make an impact!