Our Club

AZ Team Thunder Volleyball Mission Statement:

The mission of the AZ Team Thunder Volleyball Club is to help mentor our athletes to be confident and empowered, with a desire to be a positive role model in the community.  Through the sport of volleyball we will create a positive, nurturing, fun environment and teach our athletes life lessons such as teamwork, communication, leadership, work ethic, integrity, and how to handle adversity.  Our club chant is, "Whose got this?  We've got this!" - the coaches help strengthen the girls to live this philosophy in everything they do, thus making them stronger and more confident citizens in their community.


AZ Team Thunder Volleyball History:

AZ Team Thunder Volleyball Club is a non-profit 501(c)3 that was created when the Club Director, Derrick Chapin, realized that sending his 3 daughters to a large-box club was fiscally irresponsible and the for-the-masses approach was not the style of training that he wanted for his daughters.  AZ Team Thunder Volleyball was created to offer athletes a family-friendly, high intensity, and affordable volleyball training program where athletes would be able to compete at a higher level.  Each athlete is valued in our club and never taken for granted which has created the positive environment that we were hoping for and has created an ever-growing club that breaks new records each year!  Staying true to our positive philosophy and surrounding ourselves with the greatest of coaches, who continue to grow and educate themselves with the sport, has been the secret to our continued success.


AZ Team Thunder Volleyball Goals:

  • Help our athletes develop a love for the game of Volleyball at a competitive level.
  • Teach our athletes how to competitively play volleyball at a level that keeps forcing them to strive to get better.
  • Teach our athletes how to work as a team, entrusting in each other and knowing what their contribution is to the team.
  • Teach our athletes the value and joy of being healthy and active.
  • Teach our athletes to look for opportunities in lifting the spirits of those around them.
  • Teach our athletes the value of hard work and overcoming obstacles via honest ways.
  • Teach our athletes the value of always having a positive attitude about them in their words, actions, and thoughts even when things are down.

We know that every athlete that comes to us with the desire to become a better player will finish the season a better player, no matter the age or the talent!