Tryouts are right around the corner!  So what should your athlete be doing to prepare for the upcoming season???  Follow these 3 simple steps and your athlete will be prepared and will stand out!

  1. Be an athlete – make sure your athlete is getting the physical exercise needed to play a competitive sport!  This takes a commitment and drive from the athlete that will quickly differentiate the athletes that are ready to play competitively and those that aren’t.  This includes nutrition, sleep, time management, and of course physical conditioning.
  2. Pick up a Volleyball – there are plenty of individual drills that someone can do to prepare themselves for tryouts.  The #1 is to pick up a volleyball and pass it in the air to themselves, then repeat it 100 times 🙂
  3. Be Coachable – we all tell our daughters that they are great at everything they do!  But, now it is time to ensure that your daughter is ready to be our athlete which means they need to be ready to get direction on how to be better.  Do not go to tryouts trying to show how great they already are, the coaches will see that easily enough and make their own skills rankings, rather go to show that you are humble and teachable!

What better way to prepare for tryouts than to go to the clinics!  Visit and get signed up!